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InfoMart’s COVID-19 Response

A Note from InfoMart’s Founder

Our employees’ and community’s health and safety are our top priority. We employ a team of professionals who quickly responded to the COVID-19 outbreak. We’re proud that our clients have been minimally impacted. 

On a personal note, we think of our clients as friends, and we are wishing them health and safety. 

If there are any questions or concerns about InfoMart’s services during this time, please email your client representative or call 770 984 2727.

Tammy Cohen
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, InfoMart

Clients continue to receive background screening reports from InfoMart as normal: 

  • Electronic record searches are still functional 
  • The Work Number and National Student Clearing House are functional 
  • We have robust technology in place to efficiently provide service remotely 

InfoMart’s Business Continuity Plan allows for all work to continue uninterrupted via a remote workforce: 

  • All consumer report requests are being processed as normal 
  • All business-critical, client-specific processes are proceeding as normal 
  • All client-related communications are functioning as normal
  • All operating departments and services are running as normal 
  • All business-critical, compliance-related processes are progressing as normal (consumer disputes, client compliance) 

What Clients Are Asking

Is InfoMart still open?

Yes. InfoMart is fully operational. We have deployed a remote workforce to continue providing quick, accurate results to our clients.

Are education/employment verifications still available? Are other clients still running them?

Yes. Though employer and educational closures are impacting some one-on-one verifications, the National Student Clearinghouse and the Work Number are still available resources. InfoMart’s standard procedure is to close requests if we are unable to complete the verification; we will reopen the request and provide the verification when possible. Many clients have opted to close requests.

Can we still run Motor Vehicle Reports? Are there delays?

Yes, MVRs are still available.

Is drug testing still available?

Yes, drug testing is still available. However, we advise that candidates call the clinic to confirm they are still operational. Our team is available to help locate a clinic in the area.

Can you send me just a portion of the screening results while we wait for delayed pieces?

Yes. Rather than delivering a full profile, InfoMart can deliver services as they complete. Some clients have opted for this method. Contact your client representative to learn more.

Court Closures

Criminal results will not be completed until courts reopen. InfoMart is committed to returning these delayed results as quickly as possible upon reopening.

In most cases, clear records are not being affected by these delays.

  • CA       Marin
  • CA       San Joaquin
  • CA       Santa Clara
  • GA     Clayton
  • MI      Oakland
  • MI      Ottawa
  • MI      Wayne
  • TN       Coffee
  • TN       Lauderdale
  • TN       Tipton
  • Bermuda

What Applicants Are Asking

Is InfoMart still open?

Yes, InfoMart is still operational. Our business hours are from 8am to 6pm EST.

Am I able to request a copy of my background check?

Yes, you are still able to request a copy of your background check. If the background check is not yet complete, you will have the opportunity to receive it upon completion. If there is a delay, you will receive correspondence either via email or telephone detailing the reason.

What if something is incorrect on my background check report?

Leave a message on the consumer compliance line requesting to submit a dispute about your background check. A consumer compliance professional will contact you within 24 hours.

Telephone: 1-800-800-3774 ext. 1000 | Email: | Website:

Are you still able to communicate with the company to which I applied?

Yes. We are in constant communication with our clients regarding each background check being processed. Any changes or updates are relayed to the client. InfoMart does not have any part in the decision-making process, but we provide the employer with the most up-to-date information. Any tentative employment decision is up to the employer.

Are courts open? If not, when will they reopen?

Yes, the majority of county courts are open at this time. There are a few of courts that are closed to the public; that list is available elsewhere on this page. In addition, some courts are currently operating at a limited capacity. 

Can I still dispute my background check even if courts and schools are closed?

You can still submit a dispute even though the schools and courts are closed. If your background check results are postponed, or if they are completed with a COVID-19 statement, the employer has been notified of the situation. Once the courts/institutions re-open, InfoMart will update these requests and submit a supplemental report to the employer.

What happens if the courts haven’t updated my record and they are closed?

We will have to wait until the courts have re-opened to confirm any updates and decisions pertaining to a case. We suggest that you also provide your employer with your documentation as it may assist with their decision.

What do I do if the employer won’t let me start until my background check is completed?

Stay in contact with the employer to find out if there are any alternatives for employment.

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