Integration & Security

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  • Integration with existing systems
  • Quarterly penetration test
  • Latest security features
  • Worldwide access, day and night

InfoMart’s standard management reports details:

  • number of applicants searched and the services performed
  • number and percentage of criminal information on all searches
  • turnaround time, services ordered, and cost of each profile
  • statistical data on InfoMart’s performance

Reports can be customized to show turnaround time in days or hours, can be pre-sorted by billing code or reference number, and are available monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Additionally, WebASAP is equipped with self-service reporting for turnaround time, volume, invoice totals, user access, and results summaries.

InfoMart’s ad hoc reporting provides:

  • turnaround times
  • accuracy rates
  • criteria evaluation results
  • screening trends
  • screening volume
  • billing totals

This data can be sorted by division and/or location. In addition to our custom reports, InfoMart users are enabled with the tools to run queries via WebASAP.  We also provide clients with custom screening metrics at no additional charge.

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