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4 Steps to Preventing Prescription Addiction in the Workplace

While healthcare is something that many organizations provide as a benefit of employment, the reward of a healthy workforce also comes with possible liability. We’ve all heard stories about, and might even know personally, someone who developed an addition to painkillers after hurting their back or getting a prescription due to chronic pain. The story is so common that it’s almost cliché, but that’s really how it happens for thousands of people every year.

Implementing an Enterprise-Wide Background Screening Solution

Once primarily the tool of the federal government for hiring operatives and other high security personnel, background screening is now prevalent in an array of industries among companies who recognize the value of getting the whole story about a prospective employee.

5 Ways to Avoid Lawsuits Over Background Check Processes

Many large employers have seen an increase in bad press as they continue to face legal issues over hiring practices. Already in 2016, Wells Fargo Bank has settled a $12 million lawsuit alleging violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) related to its pre-employment background screening processes. In 2015, major companies such as Big Lots and Whole Foods were hit with lawsuits pertaining to their pre-employment background screening processes.

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