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Background Screening Services

While background screening isn’t free, the costs of each test are much less than the potential consequences of hiring incompetent or violent employees.

If you hire too quickly, fail to vet references or avoid a background check, you might be throwing away money by investing in fraudulent talent and putting your staff at risk. On the flip side, a background screening isn’t something to take lightly. You need the right partner to conduct it in an effective, legal and respectful way.

That’s why the first place you should turn is InfoMart. We can answer any question you have about a particular background screening test and develop the perfect solution for your company’s needs.

Making a Good Hire

Whether you need to conduct background checks to align with:


  • Legal Requirements
  • Company Policy
  • Industry Standards
  • Insurance Company Mandates

You’ll be surprised how much there is to know - and how much pain a lack of knowledge can cause.

When you order a background screening solution, you can mitigate risk to yourself, your staff and organization. You significantly diminish the chances of violence, crime, false credentials and lawsuits that stem from negligent hiring.

You also save money through increased productivity and lowering your turnover cost.

According to a study conducted by the University of Florida, employee theft accounts for up to 2% of yearly revenue lost in retail. The results of a particular background check can reveal a personal history of theft or fraud. In the case of retail, there is the potential to add an additional 2% to your net income and save thousands of dollars in HR

This is all possible with the power of a well informed choice about your potential employees.

Thorough Screening

Still, why not just check people on Google?

General online searches can offer HR departments and hiring managers top-level information on a candidate. Alone, that is not enough to understand whether or not someone has actually graduated from a university, been arrested for drugs, violence, or if they have been terminated from previous positions. We work with investigators who are trained and experienced in just the kind of background checks that will benefit your company.

We know where to look, which is far beyond the internet. We call former employers, schools, and access public records. That’s how we save you thousands by avoiding bad hires. You won’t have to recruit, employ and train all over again.

More important, we help you meet sensitive state and federal hiring requirements. We protect you from backlash and discrimination charges by the subjects you screen - who do have legal rights.

Peace of Mind

While most people think background checks are only designed to reveal deception, they usually show you the opposite. Get the peace of mind that the candidate standing in front of you for a job is an honest person with a truthful resume.

A background check is the surest way to feel confident about whom you’re hiring.

A screening program is also the surest way to bring stellar professionals into your company. Professionally designed and implemented background screening is a cornerstone of any reliable HR department that will bolster your productivity, effectiveness and reputation. Consider background screening not just for employment. You can also screen interns, volunteers and would-be partners.

You can learn more about professional background screening with InfoMart. For over two decades, we have been at the forefront of the industry. InfoMart developed the first automated paperless screening system.

We can help you with an immediate hire, or create a plan with you for ongoing service. Call us now and let Infomart surround you with great people.



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