3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Hire Freelancers

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

October 31 2018

In today’s booming gig economy and low unemployment, small business owners should look to freelancers as a competitive advantage. Hiring freelancers gives access to the skills and expertise of a specialist on short-term projects without a long-term commitment.

1. The market is growing

The freelance market is predicted to triple by 2020. Around 42% of them will be millennials, who prefer an autonomous and flexible work schedule. People see independent work as an opportunity akin to entrepreneurship, and as a small business owner you can utilize the dedication and focus this type of worker brings to their craft to get impressive results.

The gig economy doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Tapping into a new market of labor will become key for small businesses soon. Those who adapt and employ freelancers now will find themselves ahead of the curve.

2. Expertise at a lower cost

Freelancers often pick a niche and stick with it. This means that they quickly become experts in their chosen fields. They’re perfect for special projects, such as developing a website or mobile app, or for contractual work like new blog posts. Assigning these tasks to your full-time employees means you’re pulling from a very finite pool of talent; freelancers offer a way to get the job done without diverting attention away from other important projects or tasks.

There is a bit of fear when it comes to hiring freelancers. Business owners often believe that freelancers are unreliable. Because their incomes rely on their reputations, freelancers are business owners themselves. They will often dedicate more time and effort into their projects to continue to thrive as a business. If issues with their performance do arise, handling them is as simple as ending the contract. There’s no complicated HR process or paperwork; you can just decide not to work with that freelancer anymore.

Hiring a freelancer can also help with costs. There is less overhead. Many freelancers telecommute, so they rarely require an actual place in the office, and they are already experts, so they don’t need training. Experts estimate that freelancers can save a business 20-30% per year.

3. Hiring is simple

Some business owners believe that freelancers pose risks full-time employees don’t. Since freelancers often telecommute, they can’t be monitored by the staff you know personally, but you can mitigate that risk by verifying their identity and their credentials with pre-employment screening.

Ensure the freelancer you hire is experienced. A good one should have references who will vouch for them and work samples they can show you. They also need to communicate well (and often!) so that you stay in the loop. Most importantly, they must be self-sufficient. Freelancers are called independent workers for a reason; they should be able to work independently.

Always verify that the freelancer you’re hiring is qualified for the position. Check education credentials, work history, and criminal history by running a preliminary background check. Never leave your business open to unnecessary risks.

When you’re ready to start onboarding that freelance talent, InfoMart is the partner you need. Our SMB platform—a background check portal designed for the needs of startups to midmarket and all the great companies in between—helps you get the whole story on your permeant, temporary, and freelance talent.

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