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In today’s competitive job market, job seekers will do anything to get noticed. Since the first point of contact with a potential employer is often an application or resume, some candidates will push boundaries on resume submission format or content to garner attention.

This cutthroat attitude contributes to the estimated 50% of resumes and applications containing at least one falsification. At InfoMart, we want to help you hire those who are qualified for your position and fit in your company’s environment, rather than those who have submitted the most padded resume.

To help identify honest applicants, InfoMart offers verification of employment history, education and credentials. Our verification team has been expertly trained in this vital part of the background screening process, and they diligently pursue and report information that confirms or denies the validity of resume claims. This information can be used as a valuable forecast of a potential candidate’s job performance.

Our verification process can be customized to your company’s specific requirements to ensure you are hiring the highest quality candidates available.

Employment History Verification

Employment history is one of the most frequently falsified details on resumes and applications. This is why reviewing a candidate’s prior employment performance is a useful tool for predicting their performance at your company.

Verification Level

Dates of


Reason for Termination

Rehire Eligibility


Specific Question

Performance Interview







Employee Education Verification

Education details are also frequently misrepresented. From phony graduation claims to diploma mills, hiring a candidate with false credentials can spell disaster for any employer.

Education Verifications include:

  • Attendance dates
  • Graduation status
  • Degree earned
  • Major courses of study
  • Graduation date

Professional License Verification

From healthcare to transportation, we verify professional licenses through the appropriate and applicable licensing board. We confirm the date of certification, type of license, license status and expiration date, and/or the license number and renewal date, ensuring that your company is only employing the best.

Employee Reference Checks

A candidate’s personal or professional references can be valuable in evaluating his or her potential and qualifications, and provides a way to assess if he or she will fit comfortably with your organization’s culture. Through open-ended interviews, InfoMart personnel gather information on an applicant’s character traits, reliability, demeanor, strengths and attitude.


In addition to other healthcare-specific sanction lists that we are able to check, such as the Office of the Inspector General’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities, the Fraud and Abuse Control Information System, or FACIS®, is a vital part of any healthcare organization’s background check program.

FACIS® includes a search of over 800 sources in all 50 states, and returns disciplinary and sanction records on healthcare workers. Reports include disciplinary data ranging from letters of reprimand to full exclusions, and results help you to comply with federal HIPAA guidelines.

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