SymTem™ Features & Benefits

Symptom screening and re-entry management has never been easier than with SymTem

SymTem works for you so you can get back to work

InfoMart’s 30 years of background screening experience makes a difference when selecting a symptom screening solution.  We have a wealth of experience in serving companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses, in the highly regulated industry of background screening.


Make your symptom screening and re-entry  program work for you

  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited user access
  • Design your symptom screening assessment
  • Identify travel hotspots
  • Customize next steps after possible symptoms
  • Choose which app features you want available
  • Each of your locations can be set up to your unique specifications


We built SymTem with compliance and security in mind, making symptom screening simple

It is all in the details. That’s why SymTem assists you in your compliance with EEOC, ADA, OSHA, and CDC guidance.

  • Universal notifications
  • Confidential ADA accommodation requests
  • PPE fulfillment
  • Anonymous hotline
  • Protected Health Information not stored


InfoMart protects your data with the same technology that secures our backgrounds screening data

InfoMart has been listed on the Security 500 for 11 consecutive years.

  • Limited data collection & retention
  • Detailed assessment responses processed in the cloud and then deleted to guard against PHI breaches
  • TLS encryption of all data in transit
  • Single-use QR code invitations prevent post-registration fraud/re-use by unknown party



Data Collection

Data collection is kept to a minimum to best protect you & your employees

Due to the pandemic, symptom data does not require HIPAA compliance. However, the ADA considers this medical information that must be maintained in a confidential medical file and kept separate from personnel files.

  • SymTem does not store symptom related data or medical information
  • We only store results—work-ready or remote
  • The SymTem system is an individual platform separate from personnel files
  • User access has been designed to limit users to the information they need to do their jobs

User Experience & Confidence

You want to enjoy your job. SymTem’s ease of use makes that happen.

It is important for users to enjoy their daily experience, so symptom screening shouldn’t be difficult. We assist you in building user confidence in returning to work.

  • Access to your EAP
  • The ability to request ADA accommodations
  • Daily reminder can be turned off or on
  • Select the number of screens you want your user to access
  • Immediate access to your COVID-19 process and policies and telehealth providers
  • Numerous customization options


Communicate consistently and universally with your employees.

Our notifications system can be used to:

  • Communicate changes in hours of operations
  • Report site or location closures
  • Train your workforce
  • Trigger hygiene reminders
  • Schedule universal notifications

Janitorial Coordination

Seamlessly coordinate your facility maintenance and HR teams

Until the pandemic, HR did not have to work closely with janitorial and maintenance. Now you do. SymTem makes it easy:

  • Users can request cleaning/disinfection of an office area
  • HR can notify facility maintenance of areas that need to be disinfected due to exposure
  • Facility maintenance can access platform and mark when cleaning is complete
  • Coming soon: ability to close a location, notify employees in the app, and push a badge that requires work outside of that specific location

Daily Work Pool

Oversee your work pool with ease and transparency

Oversight is key during COVID-19 re-entry. Know who is available to work at any given time:

  • Real-time view of who has passed their symptom screening & who has possible symptoms
  • View work pool for all locations or individually by location
  • View who is “out of office” and doesn’t require a daily assessment
  • Manually change employee status at anytime


It’s not just about symptom screening. Personal protective equipment is key to your COVID-19 re-entry strategy

If you require employees to wear PPE, then it is your responsibility to provide the PPE upon request:

  • Allows users to request PPE
  • Assists you in coordinating the fulfillment of that PPE request
  • Can be completed on a location level

Access Options

Just like our background screening services, SymTem is highly customizable

SymTem has numerous protocols to accommodate the different ways to screen and allow entrance to a building or event:

  • Customize whether users take just the symptom survey or the survey and their temperatures
  • Unique method of using QR codes allows for numerous options 


The perfect fit regardless of your technological setup

SymTem is designed to require as little work on your end as possible:

  • Scanning technology will work on any tablet or smartphone
  • You can provide your own equipment
  • Options for users without access to a mobile device

About InfoMart

The experience to make COVID-19 re-entry easy for you

InfoMart has been managing protected class information for decades—that’s why we’re the right fit for this job.

  • 30+ years of experience in background screening
  • Credentials to back it up: PBSA accreditation, Security 500, HRO Baker’s Dozen, WBENC certification
  • Thousands of clients—from the Fortune 500 to SMBs
  • A deep understanding of your industry’s needs

Ready to Take the Next Step?

The New World of Work Suite

InfoMart’s New World of Work suite is exactly what you’re looking for to keep your company safe. We’ve applied our decades of experience delivering quick, accurate background screening services to the solution employers need right now: tracking COVID-19 in the workforce.

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