How SymTem™ Works

Discover how InfoMart's all-in-one COVID-19 management tool helps you manage COVID-19 in the workplace

The Tools and Solutions to Manage COVID-19 in the Workplace

SymTem has multiple solutions in one platform to accommodate the people that interact with your business

You’ve been searching for an easy solution to your COVID re-entry problem, and SymTem is that solution. With workflows designed for employees, vendors, visitors, delivery personnel, and more, SymTem is the all-in-one solution companies need to manage COVID-19 in the workplace, safely re-enter the office, and mitigate the risk of the coronavirus in workplaces.

Screen employees’ daily symptoms and temperatures from the comfort and privacy of their homes. Administratively manage employee entry and track possible internal hot spots.

Your COVID-19 Task Team’s Solution

The SymTem™ platform streamlines all COVID-19 tasks across your workplace in one central hub

Employee Management App

Task Team Platform

Badge Scan & Integration

COVID-19 Workplace Dashboard

Gain real-time insight

Monitor daily work pool

Customize workflows

Order tests for COVID-19 & flu

Track & manage internal hot spots

Manage multiple locations

Push notifications & updates

Identify employee health status

Promote mental health with EAP in app

Handle ADA accommodation requests

Promote use of telemed provider

Anonymous reporting hotline

Assist in compliance with ADA, EEOC, OSHA, & CDC

Integrate with ATS, thermal, & infrared technologies

Coordinate & manage cleaning & PPE fulfillment

Provide access to company COVID-19 policies

Unlimited & Customized:

  • Users
  • Locations
  • COVID-19 workflows

COVID-19 Employee App

Symptom Assessment:

  • Remote
  • Daily reminders
  • Symptoms-only workflow
  • Symptoms & temperature workflow

Employee Status:

  • Ready to work
  • Work remotely
  • Quarantine
  • Take the day off


  • EAP
  • Telemed provider
  • Anonymous hotline
  • ADA accommodations
  • Policies & procedures

How Does SymTem Help Manage COVID-19 in the Workplace?

Answers to Your Questions

My employee wakes up in the morning - then what?

They will receive an assessment reminder notification at the time they’ve designated in the app. Depending on your chosen workflow, they take their symptom assessment, enter their temperature and upload a photo of the thermometer, and indicate whether they have traveled recently or been in contact with COVID-positive people. The system checks their answers against your designated criteria and displays the appropriate badge.

On the admin side, your administrative users will see which employees have been assigned a work-ready badge and which have been assigned a remote badge.

What kind of digital badge can you display?

Like much of SymTem, the language on the digital badge will be adjusted to fit your workplace’s needs. Do you want to ask your symptomatic employees to work remotely? Done. Do you need to direct them to take a day off of work because they can’t work from home? Done. Let our team help you choose the right badges for your workflows.

Is SymTem customizable?

Yes! During your implementation, our screening experts will help you design the workflows and badges that work best for your company, and the resources you provide to your team in the app are entirely customizable. Customize your user access hierarchy and locations, too.

Can we use SymTem for vendors or visitors?

You can use SymTem for vendors, visitors, delivery personnel, event access, and more. InfoMart wants to put the whole world back to work, so we designed SymTem to work for a variety of interactions.

We’ve built one-time use workflows for people like delivery personnel or visitors that are the perfect solution to this type of situation.

How does SymTem help me manage COVID-19 in the workplace?

SymTem is an all-in-one re-entry management tool. It offers an app for symptom and temperature screening and the most robust management platform on the market for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. SymTem enables organizations to screen for COVID symptoms, oversee your existing workforce, track internal hotspots, and more. It even allows you to request COVID-19 screening from your visitors, vendors, delivery personnel, and more.

I have other questions.

We’re here to help! Learn more about how SymTem protects you, how SymTem is different, and SymTem’s unique features and benefits.

Ready for a little more information? Let’s connect you with an expert.

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The New World of Work Suite

InfoMart’s New World of Work suite is exactly what you’re looking for to keep your company safe. We’ve applied our decades of experience delivering quick, accurate background screening services to the solution employers need right now: tracking COVID-19 in the workforce.

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