Secure, Convenient COVID-19 Testing

Our self-collect COVID testing solution strengthens your return-to-work strategy

A Self-Collect COVID Testing Solution

Add COVID tests to the tools you’re using to keep your team safe

Get employees safely back to work with a self-collect COVID-19 testing solution. Employees register, complete self-collection, and receive test results via their mobile devices.

The InfoMart Advantage

  • Security: Two-factor authentication for quick, secure access from any device
  • Digital convenience: No paper forms & no username/password to remember
  • Speed: Online access delivers faster result reporting
  • Flexibility: Results reported back to employers by their preferred method
  • Accurate: 100% accuracy according to the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization Summary

Employers Initiate a COVID Test in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Provide supply order details
  2. Receive kits and distribute to your employees
  3. Allow employees to collect samples & mail to the lab

Tests Are Easy for Employees to Complete:

  1. Employees register their test kit
  2. Complete questionnaire and give consent
  3. Deposit saliva sample into provided tube
  4. Ship sample to lab

Pair COVID Testing with SymTem™

InfoMart’s COVID Management Solution


Daily symptom & temperature assessments

Available workforce management

Internal hotspot monitoring


Janitorial & PPE request coordination

Answering Your Questions About COVID Testing with InfoMart

How does InfoMart’s COVID testing solution work?

Our COVID tests are a saliva-based molecular test, which is authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The tests are self-collected and shipped to a lab. Results can confirm if the virus is detected in the saliva of an individual.

Do you perform nasal swab tests?

No, InfoMart’s solution is a saliva-based test. Since no nasal swab is required, collection is minimally invasive and can be self-administered without the assistance of a healthcare worker.

What goes into collection for COVID tests?

After registering the collection kit and completing a health screening questionnaire, donors will deposit a saliva sample into the provided funnel tube, secure the cap, shake the sample for five seconds, and return the sample via mail.

How are collection kits distributed?

We offer flexible kit distribution. We can either provider bulk distribution to specified sites, and your team can deliver individual kits as necessary, or we can send collection kits directly to individuals.

Do you offer other COVID management solutions?

Yes! In addition to COVID testing, InfoMart’s proprietary COVID management platform, SymTem™ makes re-entry and ongoing COVID management easy. SymTem is a daily symptom and temperature assessment app backed by a robust management platform. Oversee employee health, monitor internal hotspots, coordinate cleaning efforts & PPE requests, and more—all via SymTem. Learn more.

What kind of COVID tests do you run?

Our tests are reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) tests.

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