New World of Work

A suite of services and COVID screening solutions to keep your office safe and healthy

InfoMart’s New World of Work suite applies our decades of experience delivering quick, accurate background screening services to the solution employers need right now: tracking COVID-19 in the workforce. If you’re searching for a safe re-entry tool, our COVID screening solutions are the answer.

Keep your workforce safe with our full suite of services, including symptom and temperature tracking for COVID-19 with SymTem.

The InfoMart Advantage:

  • Remote COVID screening solutions to keep your team safe
  • Configurable for variety of workflows and use cases
  • Remote onboarding solution for free with purchase of background check
  • Compliant with EEOC and HIPPA

InfoMart’s COVID Screening Solutions Put Your Team Back to Work Safely

Our screening experts took 30+ years of experience into developing a New World of Work Suite that will put your team back to work quickly and safely during the coronavirus. Check out our COVID screening solutions


An all-in-one solution: an app for daily symptom & temperature screening and an admin portal for re-entry management

You want to bring your team back into the office, but you don’t know how to keep COVID out of the building. 

That’s where SymTem steps in. The premier COVID screening solution on the market, SymTem is more than just a simple symptom screening tool. It’s built for employees, visitors, vendors, delivery personnel, events, and more. SymTem is a symptom & temperature screening app, but it’s also an administrative platform. The admin platform enables work pool oversight, janitorial coordination, internal hot spot monitoring, and so much more.

Virtual Drug Testing

COVID screening extends to drug tests. Our drug screening solution enables candidates to take an oral fluid drug test via webcam

Asking a candidate or employee to take a drug test at a local clinic may feel out of line with your company’s remote work policy during the coronavirus.

With InfoMart’s virtual drug testing, your candidates, employees, and HR personnel can get drug testing done easily from the safety of their homes. It’s a 100% contactless process, and your team can maintain their drug-free work policy even while we’re all working from our couches.

Re-Entry Packages

Affordable screening packages to screen your workforce for reentry after working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic

It’s time. After working remotely for months, companies have COVID screening solutions in place, and we’re going back to the office. But do you know what your employees have been up to during quarantine?

Complete a quick, easy re-screen on your team members with InfoMart’s pre-built re-entry screening packages. Designed with speed and cost in mind, our re-entry packages will get results in your hand quickly and affordably.


Identity verification technology that initiates a background check from the safety of a candidate’s home so you can hire remotely

Have you found the newest member of your team during the pandemic, but you’re not sure how to initiate a safe, reliable background check?

That’s where ASAP ID comes in. A contact-free solution, ASAP ID initiates a background check via your candidate’s mobile device. It takes just 60 seconds. It’s completed from the safety of their own homes. It delivers quick, more accurate screening results. ASAP ID is an important piece of your COVID screening plan.

Let’s Get Your Team Back to Work

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SymTem offers businesses a host of resources to manage the spread of COVID-19. We’re sourcing PPE suppliers, hotline managers, educational resources, and more from diverse companies like you.

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