The SymTem™ Difference

Your COVID-19 re-entry plan isn't complete without SymTem's unique benefits

How SymTem is different

& Why You Need it for Your COVID-19 Re-Entry Plan

SymTem has all of the features you need for a simple but effective COVID-19 re-entry plan

Team platform

Fighting COVID-19 is much more than screening for symptoms. It requires a team effort from HR, Compliance, Facility, Wellness, and Operations.

Keeping compliant

SymTem provides tools your COVID-19 re-entry plan needs to keep your workforce or event safe while assisting in compliance with ADA, EEOC, OSHA, and the CDC.


SymTem meets a range of needs. Whether you need to outline how your specific assessment works, your access protocols, or how information is relayed, SymTem works for you.



SymTem does more than assessments and badges.  We provide a COVID-19 re-entry solution that informs numerous people of results so that work can be planned accordingly.

Customer Support

We’re not a start up. As one of the largest screening companies, with 30+ years of experience, we know how to assist customers from customized setup to daily support.

You’re Building the Best COVID-19 Re-Entry Plan

Here Are the Answers to Your Questions

Is SymTem customizable?

Yes! During your implementation, our screening experts will help you design the workflows and badges that work best for your company’s COVID-19 re-entry plan, and the resources you provide to your team in the app are entirely customizable. Customize your user access hierarchy and locations, too.

What else does SymTem do for my COVID-19 re-entry plan other than symptom and temperature screening?

SymTem does more than assess employee health and help manage employee work pools. Our COVID-19 re-entry tool is ideal for managing internal hotspots, sending notifications to management and employees, providing resources like company policies and handwashing instructions, offering an anonymous reporting hotline for colleagues not following company procedures, overseeing janitorial and PPE requests, and more.

What use does SymTem have other than employee symptom screening?

We built SymTem as a full-scale COVID-19 re-entry tool, so you can use SymTem for more than just employee symptom screening. Our one-time-use workflows are ideal for visitors, delivery personnel, and more.

SymTem’s management portal is the real star. Monitor employee work pools, oversee PPE requests, coordinate janitorial efforts, and easily communicate with employees and management via our notification system.

I have other questions.

We’re here to help! Learn more about how SymTem works, how SymTem protects you, and SymTem’s unique features and benefits.

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The New World of Work Suite

InfoMart’s New World of Work suite is exactly what you’re looking for to keep your company safe. We’ve applied our decades of experience delivering quick, accurate background screening services to the solution employers need right now: tracking COVID-19 in the workforce.

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