Women are no strangers to business. By 2014 approximations:

  • They own around 9.1 million firms.
  • They employ nearly 8 million people.
  • They earn $1.5 trillion dollars.

That makes one out of every five companies woman-owned. With an increasing presence in the ownership of business assets, women entrepreneurs need to ensure their work and 8 million plus employees are protected. One way you can secure your assets is by running background checks on your potential and current employees.

Bad hires can cost your business thousands of dollars, which is why utilizing a reliable background check provider is an investment that pays you back. When hiring fresh, new talent, it’s important to know whether the person you’re inviting to take part in your business is going to be the right fit.

Why female business owners use background checks

There are several reasons why business owners use background checks. You may conduct educational and professional verifications to ensure your candidate has the skills necessary for the job, or personal references to predict how well an applicant can handle the workload or company culture. Here are a few other things you can discover through background checks:

Background check companies typically verify an applicant’s education including degree, graduation status, attendance, and the accreditation of the institution. If a candidate falsifies his or her education, your company’s operations, reputation, and even profit can suffer.

Like education, an applicant’s previous employment history can provide valuable information, such as previous titles, compensation, and job duties. Verifying your candidate’s previous work can help you determine if their experience will align with the needs of your company.

People’s behaviors are formed and set during their twenties. Yes, people can change, but core values and attitudes often remain stable over time. Therefore, hiring managers can learn a lot about what potential co-workers value and how they will act based on their routine actions.

For example, speeding tickets, tardiness, and absenteeism may imply that a candidate is not reliable enough for certain positions. While occasional problems can often be explained by situational factors, consistent misbehaviors can result in problems and losses for your company.

If something on your applicant’s record raises a red flag, ask about what happened before dismissing him or her. Hear the explanation. The applicant may already be aware of the issue and have a legitimate explanation or be working on a solution through the necessary channels.

A background check provides an excellent chance for your applicant to display their character. Whether the check returns concerning information or not, a candidate’s comfort with truthful discretion can help you gauge how well the prospect would mesh with other team members.

Female business ownership, great employees, efficient screening

The bottom line is that your business outcomes improve when you hire the best talent available. Business owners that employ experienced third-party background screening services can ensure they hire great talent, not imposters.

Professional screeners are often more efficient and accurate than in-house Human Resources department, and they offer a layer of compliance expertise that can help protect your business from discrimination and negligent hiring risks.

Using a screening expert provides your business with a knowledgeable resource that helps you Get the Whole Story on your applicants while allowing your HR to focus on finding and developing the great talent your company needs to succeed.

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