Online Application

Online Background Checks

With InfoMart’s newest addition to WebASAP, our candidate-facing online application, now you can cut the clutter of paperwork, eliminate data entry errors and lower the time to hire, all while saving money. Our online application is the ideal solution for companies who don’t need the full service and expense of an applicant tracking system, but still want the convenience of online data collection. With a variety of functionality, delivery and display options to choose from, you can tailor the online application to suit your company’s individual preferences.

Send candidates an email containing a secure, single-use link to your custom InfoMart online application and let your applicants enter all information we need to conduct a background check, execute electronic consent, and schedule their pre-employment drug test.

Post a job opening online and as your response link, use your custom InfoMart online application URL to direct candidates to fill out a background check application as the first step in your hiring process.  Then just select the candidates you wish to screen and click one button to submit their information to InfoMart

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