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Integrated Background Checks

If you already have an established software system in use by your HR department, you might think that submitting applicant information for a background check will be a struggle. You may expect exponential error pages, mistakes in data entry, and countless paper forms to fill out.

With InfoMart, initiating and accessing a background check can be as easy as selecting a candidate from your human resource information system (HRIS) or applicant tracking system (ATS), and clicking a single button.

InfoMart has long been ahead of the curve in the screening industry, helping push the application process from paper to online and making the screening process easier for our clients and our industry. This goal of accessibility is why we’ve created innovative integrated software solutions to help eliminate tedious data entry, reduce unnecessary paperwork, and improve turnaround time, all while consolidating your personnel’s information in one location.

Integration Capabilities

We know that companies come in all sizes and levels of technological advancement, which is why we’ve designed our system and services to easily integrate with any platform currently in use.

InfoMart has taken the most popular off-the-shelf software solutions and created custom integration bridges that work easily with our intuitive web-based background screening system WebASAP.

This user-friendly system is designed to work with your current platforms, rather than acting as a separate entity, to give you a single area to access all information. With our easy integration, your human resources department will process less physical paperwork and experience a reduction in errors, all while saving the company time and money.

These features and more make WebASAP suitable for all companies, be it a small business or a global enterprise.

Past and current integration partners with WebASAP include:

  • Taleo
  • PeopleSoft
  • Kenexa
  • NowHire
  • SonicRecruit
  • iCIMS
  • Knowbase
  • J. J. Keller
  • TenStreet
  • VirtualEdge
  • Vurv
  • MyStaffingPro
  • Houston Area Safety Council
  • HRSmart

In addition to the platforms listed above, InfoMart can easily integrate with any HR-XML compliant system to ensure you receive the screening services your company needs.

Integration Security

In the age of the Internet, personal information has become a precious commodity. InfoMart considers the security of this sensitive information to be of the utmost importance, and we implement the best available safety measures into every aspect of our work and company culture.

With InfoMart, you can be sure that all of our profiles are protected and secure. All electronic data is protected using Symantec's 256-bit encryption technology, and we employ the latest firewall and router technology to protect against unauthorized access. InfoMart also has entered into an agreement with independent security firm Dell SecureWorks to evaluate our security program and conduct ongoing assessments of our systems and physical security. We are committed to giving you the best protection, no matter what new virus or hack has hit the market.

Our security policies are also the responsibility of each and every InfoMart employee. We understand our obligations to guard the confidential information placed under our charge, and have processes in place to ensure that data integrity is a daily focus in our corporate headquarters.

In addition to securing digital files, all sensitive paper material is securely destroyed onsite by a third party. Our employees work on the “need to know” principle; each team member is given access only to the information needed to complete the function of his or her job.

We are happy to provide a thorough copy of InfoMart’s full security and data integrity policy today.



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