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At InfoMart, we haven’t just watched the background screening industry evolve from paper-intensive to high-tech; we’ve helped make it happen. Since our founding, our drive to deliver the fastest and most accurate background checks has pushed us to create innovative internal technology solutions that help move us, our clients, and our profession into the future.
This ambition to improve our industry is what drove us to develop WebASAP, our proprietary web-based system for submitting, retrieving, and managing your background check and drug testing process. Our premier online portal was designed with the needs of you and your company in mind: our software is easy to use, convenient, and always accessible.

WebASAP Background Screening

WebASAP was built to be simple. With ease of use as a major design philosophy, this revolutionary software is intuitive and user-friendly, making the application process as simple as possible.
In response to customer feedback and the needs of our evolving user community, WebASAP was designed to fit into the workflow of any employer.
Some of WebASAP’s features include:

WebASAP not only provides these top-of-the-line features, but also puts the information you need only a click away. Any applicant data required can be requested and received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any web browser, giving you the freedom to make hiring decisions on your schedule.
Plus, our innovative platform provides a secure and convenient connection to InfoMart that allows for management of multiple locations or departments, even if they have varying requirements or levels of access. All these features add up to make WebASAP an ideal solution for maximizing cost savings, eliminating data entry errors, and minimizing turnaround time for hiring.

Online Applications

InfoMart’s newest addition to the WebASAP software system makes the application process even easier. We’ve eliminated the need for printed forms with our cutting-edge candidate-facing online application, helping you reduce paperwork clutter.

This innovative feature eliminates data entry errors and lowers the time to hire, all while saving your company money on printing costs. It is the ideal solution for companies that don’t need the full service and expense of an applicant tracking system, but still want the convenience of online data collection.
With a variety of functionality, delivery, and display options to choose from, you can tailor the online application to suit your company’s individual preferences. Plus, with our intuitive system you can assemble data from your applicants through a variety of forums.

The online application allows you to easily send candidates an email containing a secure, single-use link to your custom InfoMart online application. From there, your applicants can enter all information needed to conduct a background check, execute electronic consent, and schedule a pre-employment drug test.
Should you post a job opening online, you can include a custom application URL directing candidates to fill out a background check application as the first step in your hiring process. Then, it is as simple as selecting the candidates you wish to screen and clicking one button to submit their information to InfoMart.

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