Delight your clients with quality placements to ensure they come back for more.
Vetting staffing candidates protects both your clients and your brand. Let InfoMart develop unique screening packages that match your needs and maintain compliance within your industry.
Common Staffing Industry Screenings Include:
  • National Social Security Search (NSSS)
  • Criminal History Search
  • Multi-State Criminal History Search
  • Multi-State Sex Offender Search
  • Previous Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Credit History
  • Drug Test

Your current contracts dictate the information you seek, so we will ensure that these regulations are met. We will also help your company interpret background screening requirements dictated by your future customers.

Each type of business is unique and we want to ensure that you are running the correct background checks for each of them. We assist in maintaining contract compliance for every industry.

The staffing industry is all about quickly satisfying a demand for employees. We work hard to provide comprehensive screenings within short periods of time, ensuring that you meet all of your placement deadlines.

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