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Federal Level Criminal Background Checks

Hiring managers need to use all available information to properly assess employment candidates. The stakes are high and hiring the wrong candidate can result in increased turnover, recruitment, and training costs for businesses. Hiring an applicant with a criminal history can expose a business to potential:

  • embezzlement, fraud, or theft;
  • workplace violence that endangers staff and customers; and
  • negligence or abuse of vulnerable populations.

Additionally, employers may be held liable for the conduct of their employees. If a third party is injured as a result of an employee’s conduct, a business may be sued, incur financial losses, and sustain significant damage to their reputation.

Federal background checks can help reduce the chances of making a risky hire. Hiring managers can use the information obtained in a background screening as one factor in evaluating a candidate’s appropriateness for employment.

Employment Background Screenings and Federal Criminal Searches

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a national background check for prospective employees. The National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) is a collection of various systems housed by the FBI including data provided by various municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and courts. This database is used to make sure someone purchasing firearms or explosives does not have a criminal record or other disqualifying condition. However, this information is not available for employment background screenings and can only be accessed by law enforcement.

The lack of a comprehensive national criminal database means that hiring managers must search local, county, state, and federal criminal records individually to gain a full criminal profile on an applicant.

A background check that overlooks any jurisdiction has the potential for missing vital information about a candidate. This makes a federal background check a useful complement to standard county- or state-level criminal history searches.

InfoMart’s federal background checks enable hiring managers to survey cases prosecuted by the United States government and disposed in federal court. Examples of federal crimes include fraud, identity theft, immigration violations, gun crimes, tax evasion, drug trafficking, and intellectual property theft. Federal offenses also include crimes committed across state lines or on federal government property.

There are 94 federal court districts in the United States. Federal criminal record searches are based on the candidate’s district of residence and address history. A thorough federal background check will include a review of the federal statutes that have been violated, details about the case, and the outcome of the case, if a hit is found.

A federal criminal records search involves matching a candidate’s name to potential criminal records found online. It is important to note that a simple name match is not information for us to report the record. Quality federal searches, such as those conducted by InfoMart, seek further accuracy by using other personal identifiers, such as date of birth, to verify records.

Comprehensive Employment Background Screenings

InfoMart provides businesses with comprehensive background screening services that facilitate better hiring decisions and reduce risk for employers. We also help companies utilize their human resources more efficiently. Hiring managers can focus on recruiting and evaluating potential employees while InfoMart conducts a thorough background screening with a fast turnaround.

InfoMart guides its partners through each step of the background screening process and stays in close contact with hiring managers. InfoMart provides employers with an organized and detailed screening report that is easy to understand. Additionally, screening results are readily accessible via InfoMart’s secure online applicant information system.

InfoMart conducts federal background checks with the highest level of quality and accuracy. This includes ensuring that criminal records searches are conducted in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidance and Fair Credit Reporting laws.

Federal background checks can help identify candidates who may be ineligible for certain positions and improve the safety of employees and customers.

Federal background checks can also help reduce the potential for lawsuits alleging negligent hiring. Furthermore, they protect a business’ a brand and reputation.

Employers that partner with InfoMart for background screenings can rest assured that they have the best information available to assess candidates and safeguard their businesses.

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