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County Level Criminal Background Checks

Pre-employment background screening is an essential hiring best practice. Applicant screenings provide hiring managers with relevant information for assessing a candidate’s suitability for a job. A key component of the screening process is the county level criminal background check.

County level criminal background checks ascertain if an applicant has a criminal history. Human resources staff use this information to assess whether an individual with a criminal background is appropriate or eligible for hire. This requires accurate and detailed information.

There are several risks associated with hiring someone without knowing whether or not they have criminal history. Employees with a criminal background may compromise the safety of the workplace or a business’ customers. They may jeopardize the operations of a company or be susceptible to misappropriating corporate assets.

When employees engage in criminal behavior, employers can be held liable for damages caused by their conduct. Negligent hiring lawsuits can negatively impact an organization’s public image and destroy brand equity.

A county level criminal background check is the building block of a comprehensive applicant screening program. County courthouses typically have the most detailed, accurate, and current criminal records available. They also have the fastest turnaround time compared to state and federal judicial systems.

County Level Criminal Record Search

InfoMart begins the search process by verifying all the places where an applicant has worked and lived over a seven year period. This is important because a person may have lived in one county and committed a crime in another county. Criminal record searches can also extend to the county where an applicant attended school. Verifying this type of information ensures that we are accessing the widest scope of criminal records available.

InfoMart then searches records in each county to determine if an applicant has a criminal history in that county. We also obtain information from various municipalities within a county. This enables us to discover when an applicant has been arrested in one jurisdiction and convicted in another.

We also cross-reference variations of names used by applicants to cast the widest search net possible. This is important because candidates may have maiden or married names that are not listed on employment applications.

Additionally, InfoMart includes both felonies and misdemeanors in our searches. While felonies often draw more attention, misdemeanors can include serious crimes such as assault, disorderly intoxication, and petty theft. Therefore, both felonies and misdemeanors should be given careful evaluation by hiring managers as part of the screening process.

Depending on the type of employment position, infractions may also be included in a county level criminal background check. For example, infractions such as traffic violations may be relevant for trucking and transportation industry jobs.

Comprehensive Candidate Background Checks

Criminal records are physically reviewed at the court by our seasoned and efficient network of information retrievers, or searched at InfoMart’s headquarters by our team of experts via a direct connection to the court. This enables us to retrieve county level criminal records information whether court records are electronic, paper, microfilm, or microfiche.

InfoMart’s staff is comprised of professionally trained experts who are familiar with county court documents. They are skilled in identifying relevant data from criminal records. Our staff takes a meticulous approach to reviewing information. For example, they verify whether the name of the applicant is in fact the subject of the criminal record. This is essential as candidates may have common names or records may include misspelling of names. When inconsistencies are identified, we contact courthouse personnel for clarification.

This comprehensive approach ensures nothing is omitted from an applicant’s criminal history.

InfoMart compiles criminal record search results into an easy-to-read report. Employers can use this information to objectively assess whether an applicant is suitable for an available position.

Background check information is also available via InfoMart’s secure online applicant tracking system, WebASAP. Applicant information can be accessed by staff with appropriate clearance levels in multiple departments. This facilitates a smooth employment application workflow.

InfoMart conducts criminal record searches with the fastest turnaround possible so hiring managers can make employment decisions in a timely manner. We strive to shorten the recruitment and applicant process for employers without compromising accuracy.

InfoMart’s emphasis on quality assurance also facilitates regulatory compliance with federal Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These federal statutes govern how a candidate’s background information can be used in hiring decisions.

Count on InfoMart to provide your company with an effective, comprehensive, and reliable applicant background screening process.


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