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Are you starting your pre-employment screening program from scratch? Have you been tasked with reviewing your company’s policy for potential improvements?  Understanding which background check and drug testing services are the right fit for your company can be a challenge.

InfoMart can help.  Nearly 30 years of experience in the screening industry, serving employers of all sizes and industries, has taught us that no two screening programs are created alike.  Every company has a unique need to examine the physical and financial risks associated with a bad hiring decision and should develop a background check program that properly addresses those risks.

Contact us today to see how InfoMart can tailor a screening program to meet your needs, or browse our best practice links below to get started:

By Industry

Whether looking to address theft from a retail store, placing qualified candidates in the temporary staffing world, or meeting transportation or healthcare regulation requirements, InfoMart will design a program around your industry’s unique needs. Read more

By Position
From administrative to management, cash handling to driving, each job in your company comes with its own set of qualifications and responsibilities.  Likewise, the candidates for those varying positions should be screened in a manner relevant to the duties.  InfoMart’s position-based screening is the answer. Read more…

By Company Size

Background screening programs are not “one-size-fits-all.”  An employer’s size can dictate everything from high hiring volume concerns to budgetary constraints.  No matter the size of your organization, InfoMart is the perfect fit. Read more…

Vendor Screening

A comprehensive background check policy does not stop with the company’s employee population.  InfoMart’s vendor screening program allows for screening of contractors with access to an employer’s facility, customers, and products. Read more…

Volunteer Screening

Designed with non-profit organizations and their vulnerable populations in mind, our volunteer screening services balance a focus between budget and screening compliance. Read more…

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