Employee Screening Programs By Position

At InfoMart, we know that you need certain information to successfully fill particular positions, and we can tailor a background screening program to meet your specific needs. Whether your company requires credit checks for those in financial positions, motor vehicle reports for drivers, or basic criminal record searches for entry level workers, our experts will help you develop a background screening program customized to you workforce’s potential role(s) at your company.

Management Background Screening

Management level hires can pose risks touching all areas of your business, from public relations to employee productivity. As these employees are at the top of your payroll scale, the cost of a bad management hire may be tough to absorb.

Our background check and drug testing services can help you get to know your management candidates long before they write their first corporate memo or lead their first meeting. Our criminal history searches can help you determine an applicant’s propensity for illegal activities, while our verifications services ensure that your new manager has the credentials and relevant experience necessary to do the job.

Cash-Handling Background Screening

Employees who handle company and customer funds present some of the most obvious risks to an employer’s success. Examining an applicant’s personal fiscal responsibility can help you in your consideration of the potential risks associated with hiring cash-handlers.

When combined with a comprehensive criminal history search that is specifically reviewed for convictions related to theft, fraud and embezzlement, our credit history check can help narrow your focus to any issues that may place an applicant in a high risk category.

Driver Background Screening

Workers who drive a vehicle as part of their jobs carry with them their employers’ reputations. Accidents, moving violations, and substance abuse offenses that happen while your employee is behind the wheel for work can have a detrimental impact on a company’s image and corporate insurance rates.

Our experts are experienced in screening drivers at all levels and will work with your safety and HR personnel to develop a screening program that promotes a safe work environment. In compliance with DOT and FMCSA regulations, we provide motor vehicle report, verifications, and drug and alcohol testing services that can help any employer maintain a safe fleet of drivers.

Customer-Facing Background Screening

Whether you serve other business customers or work directly with consumer markets, your customer service representatives are the face of your company. Both good and bad customer experiences may be discussed online – some customer service incidents even go viral – so make sure that your new hires will do their best to illicit positive feedback.

Our background screening services help you get to know the candidates applying for your customer-facing positions. Through our verifications of past experience and communication with professional references, we provide insight into their potential to treat your customers with the respect and care they deserve.

Administrative Background Screening

Working behind the scenes to support executives or sitting at the front desk welcoming visitors to your facility, the administrative staff is the heartbeat of any company. A bad administrative hire can impact everything from travel plans to expense reports to customer support, which is why we will work with you to design a screening package that addresses the concerns of your particular administrative work.

Will your administrative staff have access to financial records or resources? You may wish to consider a credit history check. Will they be responsible for high end analysis? A verification of each candidate’s educational history and previous employers may be in line.

Whatever the skill required for the job, InfoMart will help you confirm that your applicant will measure up.

Entry-Level Background Screening

Entry-level employees are often overlooked when it comes time to develop a company’s screening program. At the lower end of the pay scale and high end of the turnover statistics, many companies assume that screening entry-level employees will not provide them enough return on their investment.

But with our comprehensive services, screening entry-level employees does not need to be considered a burdensome cost. We will work with you to develop a screening package that provides a level of comfort about your placement choice without significantly increasing the cost of hire.

Plus, we know how to serve this end of the hiring pool quickly and efficiently. Our flexible submission and retrieval processes allow candidates for high volume entry-level positions to submit their own background check applications, reducing paperwork and processing time for your hiring teams.

Contractor Background Screening

Contracted workers represent one of the fastest growing segments in today’s workforce. They also represent your company’s brand and should be held to the same standards as your permanent employees. Is your contracting company doing all they can to protect you by screening the employees they place onsite?

Our experts will work with the vendors who place contract workers at your facility, and we will assist you in implementing an effective background check and drug testing policy to ensure compliance and safety in all your business ventures.


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