Mid-Sized Business Background Screening

Mid-size businesses are at the heart of what we do and who we serve. We know that HR, compliance, safety and risk management are frequently at their workload capacity. Therefore, we provide tools to make screening simpler.

Mid-sized businesses also contend with managing the risks associated with hiring new staff. If you don’t have a thorough and accurate view of a candidate’s background, you’re vulnerable to selecting the wrong candidate.

Bad hires increase the risk of fraud, theft, drugs in the workplace, and threats to employees and customers. Your company may also be held liable for the actions of your employees and can incur significant legal costs, lost sales, and damage to your brand as a result.

The same tools and resources available to our enterprise-level clients can also assist your mid-sized business. Whether you need simple criminal and work histories, full-service, or something in between, InfoMart can give you the best program for your background screening needs.

You can also save time and money by directing your candidates to our online application. You can report the efficiencies of your program through our management reports. You will get a competitive price. And, of course, you will receive our world-class customer service.

3 Value-adds to InfoMart Background Screening Services for Mid-Sized Businesses

Comprehensive Screening Services

Your mid-sized business hiring managers need to have a complete picture of employment candidates so they can make the best possible assessment. InfoMart excels at providing fast and accurate criminal history searches, drug testing, and information verification on your candidates.

Our criminal history searches cover multiple jurisdictions to ensure your candidate’s background is thoroughly vetted. We retrieve records for each area where a candidate has lived, worked, and attended school, and we verify the accuracy of the results.

Our drug testing services can screen candidates for substance use and alcohol abuse at a scheduled time or a moment’s notice. Available services include lab-based urine testing, breath-alcohol tests, and hair specimen analysis.

We can also check each candidate’s employment history, educational background, professional licenses, and references. We verify your candidate’s details with the business or institution itself and include the applicant’s rehire eligibility or educational status.

Online Access and Support

Your mid-sized business may be between start-up and growth phases, and there are times when you will need to ramp up staff quickly in response to customer demand. However, the hiring process at mid-sized businesses often involves routing physical documents among departments and manual data entry by hiring managers. In 2015, you should be able to avoid such time-consuming tasks.

InfoMart’s WebASAP program provides your mid-sized company with a secure online application for managing the hiring process. Our online system allows your company to send candidates a secure link to a customized employment application. Candidates can electronically submit their employment application and consents for background checks. They can also schedule their own pre-employment drug testing within your timeframe.

WebASAP offers the convenience of online data collection without the implementation of a full-service tracking system. WebASAP seamlessly integrates with your existing human resource information system (HRIS) or applicant tracking system (ATS) and allows you the flexibility to augment your established software applications without implementing an entirely new system.

WebASAP includes a suite of management reports that provide data on candidate completion, turnaround time, HR department efficiency, and more. Plus, InfoMart’s web application provides high-level security and 24-hour accessibility for designated staff. You can also centralize candidate information and adjust access level, which reduces the number of staff members handling sensitive information.

Customer Service

Your mid-sized business will experience the same high level of customer service as our enterprise customers. Our committed team members will provide your company with consistent communication and personalized service. We know that each mid-sized business is different, so we customize our services to meet the requirements of your mid-sized business.

All of the members of our customer service team are thoroughly trained in background screening services. They can provide technical assistance to WebASAP users and troubleshoot any issues that interrupt the candidate application workflow. This helps your mid-sized business maximize resources and improve hiring efficiency.

InfoMart leads the industry in providing high quality background screening services for mid-sized businesses. Contact us at 1-800-800-3774 to find out more about how we can help your company.

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