Enterprise Business Background Screening

Your enterprise-level business probably has multiple product lines and a large operational footprint. You may have hundreds or thousands of employees all over the place who are managed by a centralized leadership team. Your recruitment, interviewing, and hiring process tends to be complex because your scale comes with a greater potential for negative consequences.

When it comes to making good hires, your enterprise-level business has a great deal at stake. Poor hiring decisions can lead to employee theft, fraud and embezzlement. Bad hires can also compromise workplace safety and threaten your customers. Your company may be liable for any negligent actions or criminal activity of your employees.

Why InfoMart’s Background Screening Services are Right for Your Enterprise Level Company

Enterprise-wide background screening offers a sound method for mitigating the risks associated with hiring new employees. InfoMart has earned the loyalty of several enterprise businesses because we recognize your need for streamlined processes that your large, diverse staff can use.

We also understand the importance of implementing candidate screening solutions that are scalable and increase operational efficiency company-wide. Our trusted enterprise background screening services are customized to your needs with comprehensiveness, security, accessibility, flexibility, and superior customer service in mind.

Keys to Providing High Quality Enterprise Business Background Screening

Comprehensive Screening Services

Enterprise-level companies need a comprehensive background screening program to ensure your hiring managers have a complete picture of employment candidates. InfoMart’s enterprise background screening services include criminal history searches, drug testing, and employment history verification, among others.

Our criminal background searches encompass multiple jurisdictions and extensive time frames to ensure a candidate’s entire history is covered. Our verification process includes checking applicant’s previous employers, education, qualifications, credentials, and references. We also implement broad drug testing programs that use several methods for screening substance and alcohol abuse.

Online Access and Support

Your enterprise-level company has headquarters, regional offices, and satellite offices in different areas of the country. Your human resources staff and department managers may not be located in the same office, which can make routing documents challenging. Multiple team members may handle and store applicant documents in different locations. This increases the chance for incorrect or redundant data entry and slows down the hiring process.

InfoMart’s WebASAP program allows your enterprise-level hiring managers to efficiently manage their background screening process through a secure online portal. WebASAP can be integrated with many preferred applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource information systems (HRIS) providing a flexible means for submitting, retrieving, and managing background checks.

WebASAP is easy to use and designed to promote fast routing and access to information. It features a simple workflow and tracks every candidate’s progress through each stage of the pre-employment process. You can check the real-time status of candidate background screenings with one click whenever necessary. It also features adjustable permission levels for controlled access, which decreases the potential for breach or mismanagement of confidential candidate information.


Your enterprise-level business can encounter growth opportunities that affect your human resources. You may add staff in response to an increase in production capacity or sales volume. You may acquire other companies and need to integrate employees into existing systems. Without the right screening company, your company may struggle to keep up.

You must be able to accomplish your goals while continuing to meet client needs. InfoMart’s background screening services are designed to grow with you. Our staff and internal processing systems are capable of expanding to accommodate additional screening volume without impacting cost, turnaround, or accuracy.

Customer Service

You will receive our award-winning customer service. A dedicated team of representatives will provide your users with a variety of communication methods, management reporting, and – above all – personal service. Each member of InfoMart’s professional team is expertly trained in background screening services and can troubleshoot issues that may delay your hiring process. We also provide technical assistance so your hiring managers can maximize their use of resources like WebASAP.

We understand each company is different and has its own requirements for background screening services. We are experienced in adapting to various staffing needs, industry classifications, and regulatory standards. InfoMart is dedicated to providing the highest quality background screening services for your enterprise business.

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