Progressive Screening

Save time and money
Progressive screening programs provide a quick turnaround time on services that impact position eligibility.
Progressive Screening with InfoMart:
  • Quick turnaroundon position-critical services
  • Save moneyDon't pay for additional searches after discovering ineligibility
  • Save timeWe manage the progression so you can focus on next steps
  • Streamline auditingDocumented adjudication process

Should a candidate fail to meet the criteria of a position requirement, that candidate is pulled out of the progression until the screening results of that service are reviewed. If you determine that the applicant is still eligible to continue through the screening process, we resume services according to the established progression.

However, if you determine that the applicant’s initial screening results make them ineligible for the position, the progression stops and the client will not have to pay for the rest of the screening services in the progression.

InfoMart will coordinate with your organization to build and manage a screening progression that meets your needs, so you can focus on the next stages of your hiring process. Screening progressions can be customized to respond based on position qualifications, company policies, compliance requirements, and more.

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