Program Overview


Professional background screening solutions can mitigate risk to yourself, your staff, and your organization. You can also significantly diminish the chances of violence, crime, false credentials and lawsuits that stem from negligent hiring.

Post Hire Services

InfoMart offers programs that don’t stop with the first background check. Even after your candidate has been cleared, you can improve the security of your workplace by monitoring your employee’s details throughout their employment.

Third Party Risk Screening

We make sure your third parties value workplace safety and security as much as you do. With InfoMart, you can customize screening packages so that the companies you work with only pay for the information you require.

Industry Solutions

When developing a background check and drug testing process, employers often look first to their industry’s legal and regulatory requirements.  We can help you design a screening program that meets your industry’s needs.

Global Services

Today, many job applicants haven’t just lived across the country; they’ve lived around the world too. InfoMart has met this hiring challenge by making most of our domestic searches available in foreign countries.


MediScreen connects hospitals, schools, and students through an easy-to-use, thorough, and secure background screening process.

Volunteer Screening

InfoMart’s Volunteer Screening Solutions identify the criminal past of volunteers while working within the restrictive budgets of volunteer organizations.

Employee Monitoring

Our experienced account managers can help you extend your screening program to monitor employee records beyond their hire date.

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