Fast Turnaround Times

Your Administration team needs an assistant ASAP, or so they’ve been telling you. You’ve called your background check company twice to ask about the status of a potential hire’s background report, but you keep getting the runaround. “It should be completed soon,” they say, but how soon is “soon?” And why is there a delay anyway when you were supposed to get the results 2 days ago?

At InfoMart, we value your time as if it were our own.

We are transparent about our turnaround times and we never wait until you call with a problem to clue you in to any potential issues. InfoMart’s target is to have a completed profile returned to our clients in under three business days.

Our current average is under 2.5 business days.

If a jurisdiction is reporting late, we let you know as soon as we do. We don’t wait until you call wondering why your report wasn’t delivered yesterday; we contact you so you know what to expect.

That’s an InfoMart Advantage.


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