June/July 2006

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High Profile Resume Padding Shows Need to Screen Current Employees

Resumes; while they're the subject of much scrutiny during the hiring process, once an applicant becomes an employee, they're often cast into a personnel file and forgotten. But a recent high profile case of resume fraud illustrates why, if this is the practice at your company, you could be making a big mistake.

In February, RadioShack CEO David Edmonson resigned his position after it was discovered that he lied about his academic background. Edmonson had claimed that he earned degrees in theology and psychology from Pacific Coast Baptist College, but the college says that it has never offered a psychology degree and that Edmonson only completed two semesters of coursework.

Edmonson joined the company over a decade ago as vice president of marketing for the retail division of Tandy Corp., RadioShack's predecessor. A background check was performed at the time of his hiring, but Edmonson's academic credentials were not verified at the time, and the company failed to perform another background check before promoting Edmonson to CEO.

Though the number of employers performing background checks as part of the hiring process has increased over the last 10 years, very few utilize screening as a talent management tool with current employees. As a result, companies that have only recently started screening new employees may have a number of managers and executives who were never screened.

While the reasons vary for employers not screening current employees, this case and others like it demonstrate that when your company's reputation and integrity are on the line, there are plenty of good reasons to open up those personnel files and take another look at employee resumes, especially when considering employees for promotion.

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