Hire the next generation of manufacturing workers with ease.
You need employees who can get the job done. Let InfoMart screen your candidates to make certain you’re only hiring experienced, high-quality individuals worthy of your investment.
Common Manufacturing Industry Screenings Include:
  • National Social Security Search (NSSS)
  • Criminal History Search
  • Multi-State Criminal History Search
  • Multi-State Sex Offender Search
  • Drug Test

As a diversity vendor, InfoMart satisfies your budgetary requirements for diversity and while ensuring that you get the whole story on your candidates’ employability regardless of gender, race, creed, age, or orientation.

With the bustling nature of the manufacturing industry, new employees are needed as quickly as possible. InfoMart’s innovative online system helps to reduce the turnaround time for drugs tests collected in rural areas, for records collected at obscure county courthouses, for verifications from small companies and educational institutions, and more.

Our WebASAP system, InfoMart’s proprietary web-based system for submitting, retrieving, and managing your background check and drug testing process, allows for flexible management of all of your employees, even across multiple facilities nationwide. If you expand, we’ve got you covered.

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