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Keeping you compliant across borders
We offer global services with the most intuitive, automated rules-based processing platform in the industry. With boots on the ground in 200+ countries and territories across the world, we offer background screening services that are compliant with regional laws, country laws, and the FCRA. Our in-house world compliance experts make global screening simple, consistent, and compliant. Some of our global services include: Identity screening, criminal history, verifications, drug testing, third party risk management, sanctions searches, high-risk & enhanced due diligence
  • Why InfoMart's global services?

    We are experts on international data privacy regulations, including how they apply to background screening, and adhere to all the privacy regulations and laws by country. InfoMart partners with our customers to understand their global requirements for background screening and can make the best recommendations by country for what are the most appropriate services and processes to obtain the information you seek.

  • International Criminal History & Criminality

    InfoMart’s foreign criminal background searches are conducted by information retrievers who meet InfoMart’s international criteria, including expertise in local legal procedures in the areas they search. International criminal searches are researched in available courts, including federal, state, or provincial levels, and local levels.


    In many countries prohibiting criminal record checks, we recommend a criminality check. A criminality check will utilize country-specific sources, negative media, sanctions, public records, and adverse action data sources. Your dedicated team is equipped with this knowledge and more to provide you with a comprehensive solution worldwide, and our rules-based platform makes the process seamless for both you and your applicants.

  • International Verifications

    Our international education and previous employment verifications are conducted in-house by our trained staff of multilingual verifications analysts.  Services are conducted directly via the source of the requested information when available.

  • What countries do you service?

    For a full list of our international search capabilities, please contact us today.

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