Global Services

We offer global services with the most intuitive, automated rules-based processing platform in the industry.
Global Services with InfoMart:
  • Criminal record searches
  • Verifications
  • Verified Watch List
  • Third party risk management screening
  • Sanctions searches
  • High-risk & enhanced due diligence

Criminal Searches

InfoMart’s foreign criminal background searches are conducted by information retrievers who meet InfoMart’s international criteria including expertise in local legal procedures in the areas they search. International criminal searches are researched in available courts, including:

  • Federal
  • State or provincial levels
  • Local levels

Education & Previous Employment Verification

Verifications of international education and previous employment histories are conducted internally by our multi-lingual staff of verifications experts. Services are conducted directly via the source of the requested information when available. Verifications are conducted by:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Regular mail
  • Data source integration (i.e. TALX).

Verified Watch List

The first service of its kind, InfoMart’s new Verified Watch List search replaces our previous Patriot Act Search with an FCRA-compliant service that clients can use in employment decisions. We search reliable sources for potential matches among known terrorists, drug traffickers, and other high-profile offenders. Sources include:

  • DEA
  • FBI
  • OFAC
  • OIG
  • Interpol

We then conduct follow-up research to confirm that any potential match belongs to your candidate.

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