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InfoMart’s drug and alcohol testing services meet a wide range of needs, from basic pre-employment testing to DOT-compliance or random program management. Given the negative impact that an illicit drug-dependent employee can have on a company, there is no excuse for ignoring employee drug testing.
  • Traditional Lab-Based Urine Testing

    InfoMart’s partnership with eScreen affords our customers the benefit of over 4,000 collection sites nationwide, as well as a paperless chain of custody process and online donor scheduling and tracking. Tests are conducted according to your company’s panel and collection window protocol, and are available for both urine and hair specimens.


    All InfoMart lab-based drug tests go through GC/MS confirmation testing in a SAMHSA-certified laboratory, followed by Medical Review Officer validation prior to reporting. Tests include dilution and adulterant detection, and all test levels correspond to national cutoff standards.


    Our drug test panels can be customized to meet your company’s specifications, or you can select from one of several standard test panels, including 5-, 7-, 9-, and 10-panel tests.


    Hair drug testing can be used to detect low-level use, habitual drug use, or use within the past 90 days, approximately. The drug collection site will cut a small sample of hair, as close to the body as possible, to obtain a viable follicle specimen (approximately 1.5 inches where possible) from the candidate. Hair drug testing can detect drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, and phencyclidine.

  • Instant Drug Screening Services

    Whether an alternative or complement to traditional lab-based testing, instant drug screening devices can be a cost-effective tool in your substance abuse testing program. InfoMart offers instant drug screening of urine and oral fluids, as well as saliva and breath-based alcohol screens.


    Ideal for most testing purposes, instant testing can be conducted in one of two manners:

    Specimen is collected onsite and a screening device provides a result in a matter of minutes
    Specimen is collected onsite and sent to a SAMHSA-certified lab for testing

  • Random Drug Testing

    Testing employees selected at random for drug abuse can satisfy a clause in your company’s drug-free workplace policy, comply with DOT or other government regulations, or simply be used to mitigate risk.


    InfoMart is equipped to manage your random drug testing selection process from start to finish. Simply select your testing percentages(s) and frequency, submit an employee listing via our secure portal, and receive a list of employees to test. Collections are scheduled within WebASAP using an intuitive process similar to pre-employment tests.

  • Alcohol Testing

    Pre-employment, post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty alcohol testing is offered at many of the eScreen collection sites, or can be conducted using one of InfoMart’s instant screen devices.


    If your screening program requires DOT-regulated alcohol testing, InfoMart can help you maintain compliance using a DOT-approved onsite collection device. Following the regulation’s strict chain of custody and reporting process, our alcohol test results are delivered in one consolidated report along with your background check and drug test results.

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