Post-offer Pre-Employment Testing

March 15, 2017 / Blogs / Adam
Post-offer Pre-Employment Testing

Reducing risk in your hiring decision is one of the most important challenges any human resources department can face. Hiring a new employee can cost a company thousands of dollars in onboarding and orientation, but even more money in the event that employee forces the company to lose money, clients, and time. A critical aspect of the hiring process includes background checks.

The hiring process might be a daunting one, but you’ve gotten through it. You’ve posted a detailed job description, sifted through stacks of resumes and called those candidates with the greatest potential. You’ve even gone through the arduous interview process, meeting with multiple applicants who didn’t quite make the cut, until you’ve found the one.

This future employee not only has the qualifications and experience to handle the position, but you feel that this candidate has the ideal motivation and aspirations to grow with your company and the personality to positively influence your current employees to boot. In short, you’ve found the perfect person for a position.

However, you still need to do your due diligence and verify that your new employee is truly as amazing as he or she seems. An easy way to confirm that your choice is indeed the right one is to perform a post-offer pre-employment screen.

This background check can not only ensure that your candidate’s amazing credentials are legitimate, but that your future employee is a good investment for your company in the long term.

A good post-hire employment check begins with submitting certain forms to verify that a person is eligible to work in this country. This can include an I-9 form, which requires two forms of legal ID from an applicant, as well as a verification E-Verify search.

You can also perform a Worker’s Compensation Records Check. While information availability varies by location, this search provides you with previous information on a candidate’s workers compensation claims on a statewide basis.

Ensure that your applicant has been truthful on his or her resume by running an employment and education verification check. This screening confirms that your candidate does have the experience he or she claimed during the interview process and validates the degrees and certifications that he or she listed on the application.

Another good screen to perform is a criminal background check. This can be done at the local, state and federal levels to confirm that your candidate will be able to commit to the position completely and can project an upstanding reputation for your company.

Some companies also perform drug testing after extending an offer. Studies have shown that candidates who fail drug tests often are habitually late, exhibit chronic absenteeism and produce lower quality and quantities of work. These employees can drain valuable resources from the company, besmirching what could be a stellar candidate otherwise.

To help you verify that your shining star applicant is in fact the perfect investment for your company, you should consider calling upon a reputable background screening company. These agencies can not only provide a comprehensive history of a potential employee, but can ensure that process is completed legally and in a timely manner. This quick turnaround and in-depth background presentation means that your amazing candidate can begin working his or her magic in your business as soon as possible.


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