New WebASAP Feature: User Dashboard

March 15, 2017 / Blogs / Adam
New WebASAP Feature: User Dashboard

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As a leader in the background screening industry for more than 26 years, we consistently strive to provide fast and simple tools that improve your screening process without sacrificing the quality of our information or services.

InfoMart’s legacy software, WebASAP, has undergone a massive overhaul and is now ready to roll out! In addition to the clean look and intuitive design of our upgraded portal, we’ve installed some features to streamline your experience and make ordering and receiving background checks faster and easier than ever.


Modular Client Dashboard

With the release of InfoMart’s new WebASAP portal last month comes several changes that will benefit InfoMart clients. One of the most helpful changes to our proprietary web-based platform is the switch to a modular client dashboard.

Now, InfoMart’s WebASAP platform is organized to show exactly what you need to make quick screening decisions that improve your time-to-hire.

  • Our Request Status Summary provides a helpful snapshot that allows you to easily assess how many requests are processing, completed, and open (started but not ordered).
  • The Service Modules area to the right of the Request Status summary highlights requests that need client action before they can be completed, such as MVRs awaiting approval and Individualized Assessments needing review.
  • An All Requests module fills out the dashboard and allows you to conveniently sort recent requests by name, bill code, order date, status, and more. You can also print, send, view, edit, and delete requests directly from your dashboard.
  • Alerts are featured prominently at the top of the page, so anything requiring your attention is pointed out as soon as you log in.

These are just a few of the features we’ve included in our newly released WebASAP portal to enhance your InfoMart experience. Our cutting-edge background screening software lets you easily Get the Whole Story on your applicants so that you can build your business with the best talent.

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