New WebASAP Feature: Individualized Assessment

March 15, 2017 / Blogs / Adam
New WebASAP Feature: Individualized Assessment

At InfoMart, we monitor state and federal legislation for any changes that could impact the screening industry. We keep a close eye on legal trends in our heavily regulated industry and make adjustments whenever we see an opportunity to mitigate legal risk and improve the screening process for both our company and our clients.

InfoMart has always taken a proactive approach to legal compliance in our background screening process, and our software innovations play a significant role. That’s why our upgraded WebASAP portal includes a new Individualized Assessment feature as a standard compliance enhancement to the screening process.


Our Individualized Assessment (IA) feature lets you:

    • Evaluate completed applicant profiles,
    • Make criteria assessments of “meets” or “does not meet,” and
    • Identify the specific area(s) of the background check that leads to that decision, all within our WebASAP portal.
    • Your final determination is immediately submitted to InfoMart so we can document your adjudication process for easy future access.


Individualized Assessments Can Help Your Company Avoid Litigation


Our IA feature provides a convenient way to streamline your adjudication processes while improving your compliance with the EEOC Guidance on The Use of Arrest and Criminal Records in Employment.

By documenting the adjudication process, our new IA feature can help you mitigate the risk associated with Title VII discrimination and defend against the legal scrutiny and action faced by employers that do not document their assessments.

At InfoMart, providing employers with a legally compliant screening program is the driving force behind all we do.  The release of our enhanced WebASAP platform and newest IA feature reinforces our commitment to innovative compliance processes and a seamless customer experience.  InfoMart’s focus in this area is also one of the reasons we remain one of the 10% of companies in our industry to have achieved accreditation by NAPBS, a formal recognition of our dedication to quality, service, and data protection.


InfoMart: Enhancing compliance for a new era of background screening.

The final segment of our WebASAP Features series will highlight client favorites identified during Beta Testing. Check back in with us next week to see what real clients are identifying as the best new WebASAP features.

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