As a leading global Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) providing personal data to companies for employment purposes, InfoMart has a responsibility to protect those candidates and employees about whom we collect information.

Several agencies and guidelines protect an applicant or employee’s rights, some of which can be reviewed at the following links:

Applicant Advocates Protect Consumers

Created more than a decade ago with the sole purpose of protecting the consumer, InfoMart’s Applicant Advocates program provides in-house compliance personnel to personally handle all FCRA disputes from applicants and employees.

We take this responsibility seriously and have long led the industry in providing resources specifically to ensure the most up-to-date information is collected and reported on applicants and employees. To support this goal, we also dedicate an entire department to assisting applicants and employees in obtaining and disputing consumer reports.

Applicants and employees who are the subject of an investigative background screening can receive a free copy of their InfoMart background check and dispute their report simply by completing our online form. For the applicant/employee’s convenience, we send reports within 48 hours of receiving a form request and begin reinvestigations of disputed information immediately.

InfoMart’s Applicant Advocates are available daily to assist consumers in checking the status of their background checks and to work through any disputes.

“As a leading CRA in the pre-employment background screening industry, InfoMart’s reports inform the hiring decisions of thousands of employers each year,” said Tammy Cohen, president and founder. “We want our clients and their applicants and employees to succeed, which is why providing accurate information is the foundation of our business model.”

Applicant Advocates Also Protect Employers

To expedite disputes so they don’t hinder our client’s hiring process, it is InfoMart’s policy to initiate any re-investigation requests within 24 hours of discovery. In addition, InfoMart will aid in correcting any incorrect data at no cost to our client or the applicant. If additional services need to be reverified, InfoMart again verifies this information without charge.

We retain all of our reinvestigation and dispute documentation digitally to make tracking and auditing requests simpler for our clients. Our Applicant Advocates transmit reinvestigation requests directly to the processor responsible for the reinvestigation via ASAP.

Plus, our online system for requesting reports and initiating disputes provides a convenient resource for applicants and employees, which directly contributes to a positive consumer experience. Streamlining the candidate experience for our clients demonstrates that applicants’ and employees’ satisfaction is a top priority at InfoMart.

We understand the ramifications of reporting inaccurate data, and we pledge to leave no stone unturned in resolving a candidate’s dispute. It’s not just good business; it’s the right thing to do for our clients, their applicants, and their employees.

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