Common Background Checks on Sports Players, Front Office, Others

November 3, 2016 / Blogs / InfoMart
Common Background Checks on Sports Players, Front Office, Others

We all have our favorite sports and our favorite franchises, just as we all gossip about the latest team scandal when someone gets in trouble. Whether it’s a player, a coach, or even a concession stand vendor, each person who works on or for our beloved sports teams might as well have a media spotlight aimed directly at him or her.

Due to the high interest of fans, attraction of media outlets, financial draw, and the mere fact you are in the spotlight with thousands in attendance, sports franchises are responsible for ensuring they add positive members to their staff. You must know who you are hiring so you can make well-informed employment decisions that support your team’s reputation and success.

Nine Common Background Checks for Sports Staff

InfoMart has an excellent track record with our sports clients. We have assisted many popular franchises in creating, implementing, and managing customized background screening programs that meet their staffing goals.

Basic Checks for Vendors and Support Staff

Lower-level sports employees tend to interact with customers in vendor or service roles, and one bad hire can risk the reputation of your entire team. For example, a parent could file a complaint after learning that one of your ice cream vendors employs a registered sex offender to serve children.

Some of the more common screenings conducted on our clients’ vendors, as well as entry-level and support candidates, include the following:

    • National Social Security Searches match the Social Security Number to the issued name
      to verify a candidate’s identity and reveal an applicant’s aliases and/or additional addresses.
    • Criminal History Searches can include county, statewide, federal, and even international
      criminal searches, depending on the scope requested by the franchise.
    • Multi-State Sex Offender Searches go through a comprehensive, private sex offender
      database for almost instant results.
    • Education Verification ensures that your candidate’s education history is accurate as

Background screening solutions are not one-size-fits-all and can vary widely based on the type of position you’re trying to fill. Programs are customizable and sensitive, and they should meet the exact needs of the franchise.

Expanded Checks for Front Office, Executives, Coaches, and Athletes

Expanded checks take a more detailed look at a candidate’s qualifications and history to ensure he or she will be effective in his or her position while protecting the brand’s reputation. For example, a candidate’s discriminatory comments on social media could alienate fans and stakeholders alike.

The following screenings, supplementing the above list of basic searches, provide a more comprehensive picture of candidates who work in the front office or may be spotlights of media attention, such as executives, coaches and athletes:

    • Previous Employment Verification confirms a candidate’s employment experience as
      detailed on a resume or CV.
    • Driving Records/Motor Vehicle Records verify an applicant’s driving history and identify
      any risks associated with allowing a candidate corporate driving duties.
    • Drug Testing identifies drug use and/or history of use, which can present risks to both
      franchise safety and reputation.
    • Credit Checks are pertinent to asset management jobs and recommended for applicants
      slated for financial or cash-handling positions.
    • Social Media Searches collect information from publicly available, user-generated Internet
      content and strip the data of any protected-class information.

Whether you’re hiring stadium security, concession vendors, or athletes, comprehensive background checks are essential to mitigating risk and protecting your franchise’s reputation. When you employ thoroughly vetted talent, you set your team up to entertain your loyal fans while avoiding scandal over a bad hire’s negative past behavior.

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