InfoMart has been named to Security Magazine’s Security 500 for the seventh straight year. The Security 500 ranks companies from across 18 industry sectors such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and more. Among Business Services & Consulting giants such as Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and KPMG, InfoMart ranked 7th.

“Corporate security is a top priority for us as we strive to protect our clients, vendors, applicants, and employees at every turn,” said InfoMart Chief Information Officer, Robbie Bible. “This 7th consecutive recognition proves our ongoing dedication to security and trustworthiness. Every member of the InfoMart team contributes to establishing and maintaining our world-class security practices.”

Background Screening Technology and Cybersecurity

Security 500 reported cybersecurity as a number one threat facing companies. Data breaches of industry-leading companies such as ebay, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Staples have helped bring the issue of cybersecurity into the public spotlight and encouraged companies to focus on improving security measures to better protect their users and customers.

The nature of the background screening industry requires a high level of security to protect both physical and virtual access of information. Clients that use third-party background screeners will often integrate their software systems for streamlined data sharing, so it’s imperative that screening providers facilitate secure connections that guard against and prevent breaches.

As a trusted industry-leader in background checks, InfoMart consistently works to improve upon our security practices. InfoMart employees and clients are required to uphold strict security policies, procedures, and practices to maximize safety and minimize vulnerabilities for the company, its employees, its customers and their applicants.

Some of our recognized security measures include:

  • Employing the latest firewall and router technology to protect against unauthorized access;
  • Utilizing Symantec’s encryption technology;
  • An annual comprehensive audit;
  • Quarterly penetration testing;
  • Web application vulnerability scanning;
  • Comprehensive employee training and required non-disclosure agreement; and
  • Secure document destruction.

A Background Check Partner You Can Trust

Technology is evolving and increasingly being used to solve problems at work, at home, and in our communities. Our growing dependence on technology and the ease of sharing information in a digital space presents companies with many unique challenges to protecting consumers and their data. Both our physical and digital spaces must be safe to earn the trust of our customers.

The background providers’ trade association, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), was created to “advance excellence in the screening profession.” The association provides screeners with resources to facilitate constant improvement, as well as a program that identifies successful companies with industry accreditation.

Governed by the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC), NAPBS accreditation can only be earned by companies that meet or exceed the professional standards set by the industry association. A rigorous on-site audit by an independent firm assesses a screener’s practices in essential areas such as data security, consumer protection, and legal compliance.

InfoMart is one of the only 10% of professional background screening companies to have earned NAPBS accreditation. As cyber threats increasingly weigh on the minds of many company executives and decision-makers, our clients benefit from knowing that working with us means they get the best in professional service, accurate data, and secure information.

Is your screener secure and accredited? Search them on NAPBS’s Member Directory.

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