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December 29, 2016


2017 Screening Checklist

By: Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP, President

2017 Screening Checklist

    Start your 2017 employment program with a review of InfoMart's latest Background Screening Checklist:

  • Check for Ban the Box laws in your jurisdiction(s) and industry – there are now federal,
    state, jurisdiction, and industry-specific Ban the Box laws, which can impact businesses even
    across jurisdictional lines.
  • Review all documents for compliance - applications, policies and procedures, consent and disclosure forms, and adverse action notices should all be reviewed to ensure they are
    up-to-date and include all pertinent screening requirements.
  • Retain or destroy records in accordance with regulations – get rid of old data so it doesn’t
    corrupt new data or violate regulations.
  • Review the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and EEOC guidelines – stakeholders
    should be refreshed on regulations that impact screening and hiring practices at least annually.
  • Retrain stakeholders in permissible interview questions – closely related to
    pre-employment screening, interviewing candidates is a crucial part of the hiring process.
    However, asking about protected-class information, such as marital status, age, religion, and
    more, puts companies at risk for legal discrimination complaints.
  • Analyze screening and hiring data for any potentially discriminating screening
    processes –
    any process that appears to discriminate against applicants based on protected
    class information could lead to a legal complaint and/or EEOC lawsuit.
  • Check your Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure – is applicant and employee information
    shared across platforms? If so, do your document collection, reporting, retention and disposal
    policies translate across all instances of personal data?
  • Conduct a security audit – vulnerabilities are identified in corporate systems too often to trust
    that anti-virus scans will catch potential issues. Security audits can identify problems before
    malicious bugs or hackers infiltrate.
  • Run annual re-screens – just because a candidate’s background was clean at hire doesn’t
    mean it has stayed clean. Conducting post-hire screenings ensures that your employees remain
    qualified and eligible to perform their jobs.
  • Leverage technology –
    • Most companies use multiple software systems to accomplish business processes, but
      this can cause delays when data needs to be consolidated across sources. Integration
      capabilities allow systems to exchange information and streamline analysis. InfoMart
      provides free integration with any HR-XML compliant ATS or HRIS.
    • Completing Form I-9 and eVerify processes online decreases time-to-hire. Integrated
      screening systems, such as InfoMart’s intuitive and web-based WebASAP, can complete
      the process and store documents for easy access and auditing.
    • You can easily and reliably verify an applicant’s identity remotely with authentication and
      facial recognition software offered by InfoMart.

  • Review global processes or partner with international regulation experts – the EU
    Safe Harbor Framework was invalidated this year, so companies should check their global
    screening and data sharing policies to ensure they meet the new EU-U.S. Privacy Shield rules. InfoMart’s experts assist global companies with international compliance of their background
    screening programs.


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