Advantage Students

Saving you time so you can save lives.
Our portal streamlines the screening process by connecting students to their clinical programs.
The Advantage Students Healthcare Advantage
  • Sign up, log in, and review results – 3 simple steps
  • Branded hospital or school portal page
  • Customized student screening tailored to meet varying hospital program requirements
  • Mobile-friendly, student-focused interface
  • No cost to the school or hospital
  • Deployable within 24 hours

Advantage Student Healthcare’s portal simplifies the screening of your medical students with an interface accessible to both the student and the program administrators.

The Joint Commission requires that healthcare companies include medical and nursing students in their background screening policies. To assist both the healthcare field and the medical education community maintain compliance, InfoMart partners with Advantage Students.

Advantage Students Healthcare  connects hospitals, schools, and students through an easy-to-use, secure portal. The rules-based platform guides students as they order their background checks and drug tests. The system automatically populates the services required by the students’ specific clinical programs, preventing erroneous services or unnecessary back-and-forth.

The process:

Students complete an online application and schedule a drug test via the Advantage Students Healthcare site. We obtain electronic consent to conduct the background check and to report the results to the school or hospital. The student pays for the services through the portal at the time of the order.

Schools and hospitals enter Advantage Students Healthcare through the retrieval and tracking side of the portal, where they can view the results of their clinical placements’ background checks and drug testing. Program administrators indicate whether a student is accepted for onsite placement, and the Advantage Students Healthcare portal stores the screening and drug testing results to assist in future compliance audits.

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