Employee Services


InfoMart has been recognized locally, statewide and nationally for the uniqueness of our workplace culture.  Our jobs are fast-paced and require a uniform dedication to quality and turnaround time.  We know that a happy workforce is a productive one.  It is our mission to provide our staff with a culture that promotes life-work balance, and affords each employee the opportunity to make a contribution to the company in ways that go beyond processing background checks.  In 2011 InfoMart created the I’m InfoMart program – a group of employee-led committees who do just that.


InfoMart knows how to work hard, and we play just as hard.  The I’m Celebrating Committee takes charge of everything from our annual holiday party and awards banquet to our Mardi Gras parade, our college football cookout, and Halloween costume contest.


Dedicated to promoting the physical and mental health of our employees, I’m Fit has launched initiatives such as our daily workouts, community garden, standing workstations, and our annual Biggest Loser competition.


InfoMart’s tradition of community service is carried on by the I’m Giving committee.  From our Green Team, dedicated to preserving our environment, to our participation in charitable fund raisers such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk, AIDS Walk Atlanta, and our annual American Red Cross blood drive, I’m Giving keeps our staff connected to the world at large.


The growth of our employees’ professional skills has long been a focus of our leadership teams.  The I’m Growing Committee takes standard training a step further, and provides workers not only with skills training classes, but also one-on-one advice from proven company leaders, helping each team member reach his or her full potential.


The I’m Living Committee’s motto – “Helping you live, not just survive” – accurately reflects the objective of this group.  With an emphasis on life-work balance, I’m Living provides access to financial advisors, coordinates the company’s vendor discounts, and organizes fund raisers to benefit our Employee Emergency Fund.

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