Community Services

InfoMart is an organization committed to serving others, reaching out to meet needs in our local surroundings and the global community.  Our dedication to charitable giving, preservation of the environment, and a volunteer spirit are a part of each work day.

Some of the charitable organizations and efforts we have supported through the years include:





As with many issues that touch our business, our employees and our community, InfoMart has always been committed to environmental awareness and action. That’s why it is our policy to reduce our impact on the planet in part through recycling all aluminum, paper and plastic waste that is produced by our company. In addition, our building is outfitted with low-flow bathroom fixtures and energy-efficient lighting.  Situated on the banks of Marietta’s historic Rottenwood Creek, we are a proud participant in Georgia’s Adopt-A-Stream program, which includes regular water testing and creek clean-up efforts.

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